Hara Belt


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Our hara belt is made out of durable canvas, a natural, breathable fabric and features a custom logo. You can wear it with a traditional gi and hakama or any martial arts or athletic outfit. Because it is secured by Velcro, instead of a knot, you can wear it unobtrusively under your street or work clothing.

The belt is secured by velcro.  It is helpful to contract (flatten) your lower abdomen before putting it on in order to insure a snug fit.  Because of difference in hip structure, men and women typically wear the belt differently (see photos by zooming with the magnifying glass).

Typical way of wearing for women.
Typical way of wearing for men.


Small: Best for 28-32 inch (71-81 cm) waist
Medium: Best for 32-36 inch (81-91.5 cm) waist
Large: Best for 36-40 inch (91.5-101.5 cm) waist
Extra Large: Best for 40-44 inch (101.5-112 cm) waist
Custom sizes are available on request


Machine wash warm; machine dry cool or air dry.
Note: Expect some shrinkage when washed.


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International Customers, and orders larger than 3, please contact haradevelopment@wisconsinzen.org for shipping options.

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